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Apr 8 '13

Somehwere Else

Don’t wait for me

I can hear you calling


Screaming for my presence

My body

But the time is not right

Not now

Maybe never

But I can hope

We can hope

Today it doesn’t work

They say do what makes you happy

But they don’t mean it

They want whats best

For them

And their name

One day we’ll be together

I’ll break the chain

I’ll cut the line

I’ll break the expectations

I’ll cut all ties

And one day maybe she’ll love me

One day she’ll love me enough

And follow me

All the way there

And we’ll live



But it won’t happen

Forced into the mold

I’ll be happy

But not fufuffiled

I’ll have money

But not purpose

The concrete mountains

And steel trees

But I don’t want that

I want real mountains

And real trees

Is all of this work

Is all of this effort

are all of these hopes

worth it?